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Our award-winning wines and ciders can be found at retailers of fine wines and foods throughout North Carolina. Call or email for stores in your area. If you have a favorite store that doesn’t carry our wines, let us know.  Special deliveries are available in most areas.

If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying our wines in your store or restaurant please contact Patricia at 336-874-3003 or email her at  We are distributed by Freedom Beverage Company.  Freedom can be reached at 336-316-1260.

For a current list of our cider vendors click here.

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2013 Unoaked Chardonnay

An unoaked offering featuring grapes from our Foggy Mountain Estate Vineyard … our Chardonnay has delightful green apple and tropical fruit notes with a crisp finishing acidity. 

Residual Sugar = 0%.    

$16.00 / $14.40 wine club

2013 Muscat Blanc

Floral with a spicy grapiness, our new Muscat Blanc is an aromatic dry wine with notes of honeysuckle and apricot accompanied by citrus zest and lychee on the palate.  Great with foods with character such as sausage, gorgonzola, and citrus salads.

Residual Sugar = 0%.    

$16.00 / $14.40 wine club

2013 Chardonnay - Fall 2015 release

Our barrel-fermented Chardonnay features elegant citrus, apricot and mineral notes complemented by clean French oak and subtle vanilla.

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$20.00 / $18.00 wine club

2012 Fallingwater White

Part of our American Classics series (Pale Rider and Ring of Fire complete the triumvirate), our blend of white grapes features heady aromas of honey, rose petal and tropical fruits in a medium-bodied wine with intriguing spiciness in the mid-palate. 

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$15.00 / $13.50 wine club

2013 Traminette

Spicy and fragrant with notes of honey & apricot.  This is a dry Traminette with a balanced finished.  A hybrid of Gewurtraminer, this wine is a great accompaniment to foods with a kick - think Asian, Indian, and Mexican.  

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$18.00 / $16.20 wine club

2012 Pale Rider Dry Rose'

A summer day springs to mind with our new Pale Rider rose’.  Our newest vintage of Pale Rider features strawberry and tangerine notes on the nose.  A heady start and a dry finish are the trademarks of this new classic rose’. 

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$16.00 / $ 14.40 wine club

2013 AdHOC Nouveau Red Wine

Bright berry flavors, soft tannins and easy drinkability characterize our limited edition Nouveau style red wine made from Merlot and Chambourcin.  Great on its own or complementing foods from pizza to turkey.

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$10.00 / $9.00 wine club                                      CASE SPECIAL: $120.00

2011 Ring of Fire Red - SOLD OUT

Our tribute to the Man in Black, this proprietary blend of Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Syrah features flavors of dark cherry, red currant, and clove. Rich, supple fruit and integrated tannins lend themselves to this easy to love wine. Excellent with red meats, wood-fired pizza, and grilled vegetables. 

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$24.00 / $21.60 wine club

2012 Ring of Fire Red

The new vintage of Ring of Fire is a Merlot, Sangiovese, and Petit Verdot blend.  Our favorite blend is delights with bright cherry, plum and crushed velvet flavors.  Spicy cedar and supple tannins ending in a balanced smooth finish.

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$24.00 / $21.60 wine club

2012 Merlot - SOLD OUT

This rich ruby-purple wine features enticing aromas of blackberry and black pepper.   Mid-palate flavors of dark fruits, cocoa, and exotic spice.  Aged in French oak for 15 months has resulted in a wine with a lingering finish, refined tannins and velvety mouthfeel.  

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$22.00 / $19.20 wine club

2012 Arcturus Red - SOLD OUT

Our newest red blend of Sangiovese and Merlot is an elegant, finessed offering with subtle fruit, lively acid and balanced tannins.  Bright cherry and red currant flavors plus spice aromatics make this a natural pairing with charcuterie, Italian fare and burgers. 

Residual Sugar = 0%.

$23.00 / $21.30 wine club

North Carolina Hard Ciders - Semi-sweet/Dry

The first hard ciders produced from North Carolina heritage apples.  Offered in two styles - semi-sweet and dry.  Our sparkling ciders are a blend of hand-selected heirloom cider apples. The apples were picked at the peak of freshness from the orchard in the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes County. Click here for more information about cider

Semi-sweet Residual Sugar = 1.5%. 

Dry Residual Sugar = 0%.


$14.00 / $12.60 wine club

Late Harvest Traminette - SOLD OUT

We let the grapes hang on the vine to concentrate their sugars and flavors and were rewarded with this delightfully fragrant sweet white wine.  The finish has great balancing acidity with a nectarine skin and mineral component. Limited release.  

Residual Sugar = <8%.

$14.00 / $ 12.60 wine club


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